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County Tax

Property Tax

Real property taxes include ad valorem tax on land and improvements. Personal property taxes refer to the ad valorem tax on furniture, fixtures, tools, inventory, boats, aircraft, and equipment used in the operation of a business.

Property tax bills for real and personal property are generally mailed by September 1st. The due date for property taxes is November 15th of each year.

Mobile Home Tax

Mobile home tax bills are mailed by February 1st of each year. The due date for mobile home taxes is April 1st of each year. All mobile homes must display a current mobile home decal. These annual decals can be obtained in the tax section of this office and are provided upon payment of ad valorem taxes each year.

After the due date, interest is added monthly and a penalty of up to 20% may be added. Unpaid taxes will be subject to a lien and additional collection action.

Intangible Tax

Intangible tax is collected by the Floyd County Clerk of Superior Court.